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Fishing Reels


A properly maintained fishing reel will last longer and work more smoothly. Where you fish and how you store your gear plays a big part in how often you need to perform general maintenance.

Remove the spool and gently wash it and the rest of the reel in mild soapy water. Dry the reel thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Lube the line roller, main shaft and all moving parts of the level wind or bail assembly and handle. (Sewing machine or any three-in-one oil is good.)

Remove the handle and side plates to clean the exposed parts at least once a year or more often if you use your reel regularly. Use hot water and then a non-flammable solvent. Dry with a clean cloth. Grease the gears, bearing, and other moving parts.

Remember that saltwater fishing means more maintenance. If you fish saltwater or if the reel has been dropped in the sand, thoroughly rinse your reel with freshwater to remove all salt deposits and sand particles.

Change your fishing line before it becomes brittle. Exposure to high or very low temperature can reduce the life of your line.


Don't forget to tighten exposed screws, nuts and the handle before you start to fish.

Don't throw away your parts list/schematic. You will need the numbers if ordering new parts.

Don't take your reel apart unless you have a clean level surface to work on. Tiny parts can roll away or be damaged by small amounts of dirt or grime.

Don't forget to call or e-mail the Shakespeare Service Center if you have questions or need parts.

Don't use the same line for more than one season. Even if the line is stored properly, being left tightly wrapped on the reel caused the line take the shape of the spool. This is called line memory. Twisted or curled line will shorten the distance of your cast and tangle in the guides.

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