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Fishing Terms

Have you been reading your newest fishing magazine and realized you did not understand what the writer was saying? Study these terms and you’ll sound like a pro.

Anti-reverse switch: stops rotor from free spooling on spinning reels

Bail wire: controls line release and retrieval on spinning reels

Blank: the basic rod shaft before adding guides, handles, etc.

Butt Section: the base or bottom section of a rod

Casting: the art of launching a lure from the angler to the water

Crank: reel handle

Drag Knob: controls the speed of line released; on the front or rear of spinning reels; on the side or top of casting reels

Ferrule: the connection joint for multi-pieces rods

Free Spooling: this happens if the anti-reverse is not engaged or has failed to work; the reel spool spinning freely in either direction

Foot: (or reel foot) the metal or plastic bar on the bottom of casting reels or top of spinning reels where the reel attaches to the rod

Fuji: the brand name of a well known top- quality guide and reel seat manufacturer

Float: (or bobber) used to keep the bait off the bottom and to help detect a bite

Grips: the rod handle; usually made of plastic, EVA foam or cork

Level Wind: (on baitcasting reels); evenly guides line back on to the spool after casting

Line Guides: plastic, metal or ceramic circles attached to the shaft of the rod; used to control the fishing line

Line Roller: attached to bail wire and rotor on a spinning reel; evenly guides line back on to the spool after casting

Pistol Grip: describes the short, stubby handle on baitcast rods

Rotor: (on a spinning reel) the formed metal or plastic U- shaped device that holds the spool.

Setting the hook: pulling the rod up sharply so the hook will stick in the fishes mouth enabling you to bring the fish to shore.

Spool: holds fishing line

Strike: when a fish takes or tries to take a lure

Terminal Tackle: the items between the rod and the fish; examples: line, lure, hook, swivel, etc.

Tip Top Guide: the guide on the top of the rod; these guides slide over the tip andare glued on to the rod

Thumb Button: (or thumb bar) on a casting reel, used to release the line while casting

Trigger Grip: (on casting rods) a finger support that is similar to a gun trigger

Trolling: Dragging the line, hook, and bait through the water by a slow moving boat

Courtesy of Shakespeare

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