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Sleeping Bag Glossary

Anti-Snag Tape

Placed along the zipper to prevent the zipper from catching on the lining material.

Baffle Collar

A tube of insulation that rests around the neck to prevent heat loss. Many of the warmer weather bags will have a half-baffle collar on the top inside of the bag for comfort and warmth. In the colder weather bags the collar will encircle the neck and has the ability to be drawn in to customize the fit, preventing heat from escaping.

Differential Cut

Inside lining is slightly smaller then the outside shell, ensuring that the insulation layers will hold warmth and not compress.

Differential Fill

This places more insulation (either an additional layer of synthetic fill or more down in a baffle) in the top of the bag than in the bottom.

Draft Tubes

A tube filled with insulation that is placed along the zipper to prevent drafts from coming in through the zipper.

Fill Power

The loft or "fluffiness" of down insulation per unit of weight. Fill power in sleeping bags generally ranges from 550 to 750. A higher fill power rating coincides with higher loft and greater efficiency in trapping warm air within the down clusters.

Foot Box

An expanded, three-dimensional area created by inserting fabric between the top and bottom layers at the end of the bag.

Hollofil II

Sleeping Bag GlossarySpecially designed four-hole fibers are very easily compressed, soft, and supple and will provide for good warmth and comfort without the added weight.

Offset Quilt

By la Sleeping Bag Glossaryyering two or more sheets of insulation between the liner and shell of a sleeping bag, heat is easily trapped and maintained. To eliminate cold spots, one layer of fill is stitched to the liner, another layer is stitched to the shell, and then the quilt lines are offset so they do not lie on top of one another. Offset quilt construction is a durable method, designed to last and maintain its shape and structure.

Polarguard 3D

Sleeping Bag GlossaryOne of the lightest, most easily compressed, high-end insulations, is made from a continuous filament fiber. By decreasing the filament denier by 40% the fiber has a down-like feel, which is soft and silky. Each fiber is made with exclusive high-void triangular cross-section that prevents fiber collapse, enabling it to retain loft (even when wet), without compromising durability, over years of use.

Polarguard HV

Sleeping Bag GlossaryThis insulation is also a continuous filament fiber with a high-void triangular cross-section. It will not separate, mat, or clump and has great strength, loft and thermal efficiency. While these fibers are not as light and as easily compressed as Polarguard 3D, they do create a better barrier that captures and retains body heat more effectively than solid synthetic fibers.


Sleeping Bag GlossaryEngineered with seven-hole fibers, Quallofil provides extraordinary warmth and performance. Seven holes allow the fiber to trap and maintain more warmth than solid fibers. Quallofil provides 25% more warmth than down and dries faster. It will maintain its loft and insulating properties over time.

Sewn-Through Construction

Sleeping Bag GlossaryDown is contained by sewing the inner liner and outer shell together to create a tube. This method can allow outside air to come in at the seams and will let the down will shift more easily. For this reason, this method is used in lightweight summer bags. By allowing the down to shift within each baffle, the insulating ability may be varied.

Straight-Wall Baffles

Sleeping Bag GlossaryDown is contained in rectangular “tubes” with a tricot mesh "wall" between the baffles. This allows warm air to circulate while preventing the down from shifting. Although not able to maintain its shape as well as a trapezoidal baffles, this baffle method does not allow for cold spots at the seams and works well for three-season and warmer weather bags.

Trapezoidal Baffle

Sleeping Bag GlossaryUniquely shaped baffles are sewn together opposing one another. This construction keeps the chamber volume constant and provides excellent baffle stability. A tricot mesh “wall” between the baffles allows warm air to circulate while preventing the down from shifting.

Two-Way Locking Zipper

Zipper that can be opened from either the top or bottom. When the zipper reaches the end of its track and is fully closed, it will lock in place and be prevented from pulling open.

Courtesy of Kelty

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