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1.         After each trip, set up your tent outside on a clear day and let it air out.

2.         While it is up, wipe both the inside and outside thoroughly with a damp sponge

3.         Store your tent only after it is completely dry

4.         Store your tent in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. High temperatures may disrupt the coatings.

Zipper Care:

1.         Keep loose threads trimmed.

2.         Keep free from dirt.

Most of the problems experienced with tent zippers are due to wear in the zipper sliders, rather than failure of the zipper coils themselves (the slider is the metal part that you move to zip and unzip the zipper). Particles of dirt and grit on the coils, accumulated during use, abrade the mechanism inside the slider head. When the slider becomes sufficiently worn, it will stop engaging the teeth of the coil correctly and cause the zipper to open up behind the slider. Keeping your zippers as clean as possible will help prevent zipper failure.

Courtesy of Kelty


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