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Tips on Firearm Performance

Keep ammunition out of your cleaning area. Lubes and cleaners, especially aerosols, can work their way into shells around the primer and bullet, damaging the charge.
Wipe your cleaning rod before and after use, and store it safely in a tube of your cleaning kit. A gritty or nicked rod can damage your bore.

After cleaning a gun, always run a dry patch or bore swab through the bore prior to firing it again. This precaution removes all grease and oil, and alerts you to any obstructions.

If you expect to use your gun in sub-zero weather or in blowing dust or sand, use a dry lubricant instead of oil. Remove oil from all moving parts with a cleaner, then spray on the dry lubricant.

Disassemble box-type magazines of rifles and handguns by removing the base plate, spring, cartridge guide. Push a clean cloth through the empty
magazine with your cleaning rod. Spray all parts lightly with a lightweight oil.
To keep wooden gunstocks from drying and cracking-and keep them from soaking in a rain-spray with a silicone treatment.

Get your firearms ready several weeks before the hunting season opens. Fire a few rounds in a safe shooting area. Adjust scopes and iron sights. If repairs are needed, you'll find out before it's too late.

Have your guns checked periodically by a gunsmith recommended by the manufacturer. He'll replace worn or damaged parts before malfunctions occur.
Courtesy of Remington

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