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Trail Comfort Tips

  • INTERNAL- When balance is crucial for off-trail travel, climbing or skiing, pack heavy items in center, close to the back.
  • EXTERNAL- For trail walking and gentle terrain, pack heaviest items high and close to the back.
  • The sleeping bag should always go in or on the bottom of the pack, whether you are packing the weight high or low.
  • Pack clothing and other light gear around heavy items (ie. a stove or climbing gear) in order to keep them from shifting.
  • Items you will need during the day should be packed in the top of the main compartment, the top pocket, or side pockets.
  • Foam pads, and odd-sized equipment (ie. long tent poles) can be carried on the outside of the pack. Use the appropriate accessory patches, ice axe loop, or ski slots for these items.
  • Do not put heavy items like water bottles in pockets located far from the back.

    Courtesy of Kelty
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