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Fairing 32in
Product # 8007046

We?re all for whistling. It makes you happier. It calms you down. And it reduces your blood pressure. Unless it?s your rack that?s doing the whistling. Then it?s a major freaking annoyance that needs to be eradicated immediately with a fairing.

Moves wind up and over rack, reducing noise
Available in a variety of widths (32`, 38`, 44`, 50` ) The right one for you depends on your vehicle width and how many bugs you want it to squish on each trip
Fits windshield angles and curvatures
Compatible with every Yakima tower
Safe positioning anywhere along the vehicle`s roof
Lockable with SKS lock housing and cores (sold separately)
Quick installation on round bars
Also a great place to show off your sticker collection
This is patented stuff here
Product # 07046 - 32`, #07047 - 38`, #07048 - 44` #07049 - 50`

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