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Figure 9 Tent Line Kit

Brand: Nite Ize
Style: F9T4-03-01


Price: $9.99
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Figure 9 Tent Line Kit

If you’ve ever struggled to tighten the guy lines while pitching a tent, the Figure 9 Tent Line Kit eliminates the frustration of tying and untying knots, fiddling with ineffective plastic sliders, or relocating tent stakes. Our Figure 9 Tent Line Kit does the job quickly, securely, and with no hassle—the first time.

This ingenious, lightweight set of four award-winning Figure 9 rope tighteners makes tent set-up a snap. The Figure 9`s provide easy tension and secure adjustment without tying a single knot. Just pull your lines tight and keep them that way the first time—your tent stays taut and sound in any weather. The four 8` reflective guy lines provide high nighttime visibility (no more tripping over them in the dark!). All-in-all, our Figure 9 Tent Line Kit is the ultimate tent pitching upgrade.
Two attachment methods for ultimate versatility
Loop System
Fixed End System
Kit contains 4 lightweight black plastic Figure 9s (weight: 2 grams each)
Instructions embedded in each Figure 9 ensure ease in operation
Comes packaged with 4 8’ (2.44mm) green reflective cords
Fits rope sizes 1/16” (2mm) to 3/8” (5mm)
Warning: Not for use where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. Not for climbing.

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