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Taping Kit

Brand: Mueller Sports
Style: 430645


Price: $15.00
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Mueller Taping Kit

100% cotton MTape conforms and provides firm support to ankles, wrists, and hands. Can also be used on equipment, such as baseball bats or hockey sticks. Polyurethane Foam M-Wrap protects your skin from athletic tape. Also great for holding pads or socks in place, and as a protective wrap while wearing hiking boots, ski boots, and other footwear. Tear Tape is a lightweight elastic adhesive tape that requires no clips. It`s great for hard to tape areas like fingers, hands, and wrists. Also used as a compression wrap or fixation bandage for padding and cold packs. Tape Cutter makes tape removal a breeze.
  • 3 rolls Athletic M Tape which conforms and provides firm support to ankles and wrists
  • Can also be used to tape equipment
  • 1 Roll M-Wrap Foam underwrap which protects your skin from athletic tape.
  • 1 Roll Tear Tape which is a lightweight elastic tap that requires no clips. 
  • Can be used as a compression or fixation bandage.
  • 1 Tape Cutter
  • 1 Taping Instructions

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